Is fitness dying right in front of our eyes?

Sarah Lewis RD

The other day I came across this article in which the author discusses how fitness and gyms are falling away to make room for gimmicks, pills and ‘quick fixes.’

I am fascinated by this bit of psychology, really. As a registered dietitian and personal trainer, I observe this happen all day, every day. I overhear the ridiculous conversations between women drinking their non-fat lattes discussing the latest ab-fat neutralizer they’re using or ‘fat-blocker’ pill they’re taking (is it really worth it to shit all your calories out? And do you realize the damage you actually do to your gut bacteria levels when you do that?

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of people who are calling themselves ‘nutrition experts’ or ‘fitness experts’ with little to no qualifications. To prove this, go to Instagram on any given day and search for terms like ‘fitness,’ ‘healthy food,’ ‘nutritionist,’ ‘fit inspiration’ and so forth.

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Week in Workouts + A Bittersweet Goodbye

Living Among the Seven Spires

As of today, I’ve completed my second week of half marathon training! I’m learning that speed work is a lot more difficult for me than endurance training.

Yesterday, we went to Hamburg for the morning so that Boyfriend could buy some new running shoes! We went to a store called Laufwerk, where they had a great selection of shoes and other running apparel. The staff was also extremely helpful and patient. Boyfriend ended up with a pair of Brooks PureFlows! Now we both have Brooks Pure shoes! Foto-1While we were there, I tried on this Nathan hydration pack and became totally obsessed with it. As soon as I can save up a bit of money, I’m totally buying one. Isn’t it pretty?


After shoe shopping, we stopped by our favourite Vietnamese restaurant Quan Do for lunch. They have such incredible beef vermicelli! We eat there almost every time we’re in Hamburg.Foto-2

I started out…

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