An Exercise in Focus and Values


Having eclectic tastes that stem from travel to fitness, a whirlwind occurs in my head at times. Goals become overbearing because of all of these interests. Years ago, a person mentioned to keep the interests low so that accomplishments are high. In agreement, what five areas are most important? Values have a lot to do with priority. Taking a values test before, excitement was on top of the list.

What is excitement?

A feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness.

Thesaurus: adventure, buzz, commotion, confusion, drama, elation, emotion, feeling, frenzy, furor, fuss, hysteria, motivation, passion, rage, thrill, trepidation, tumult, turmoil, warmth.

Other top values at this time include Openness, Optimism, Solidarity, and Fitness.

These are some of my values, but not all. Just the top five for focusing in on right now.

If living up to my values and centering my focus on these things, good chances are that genuineness is prominent. How can I focus in…

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