Powerbuilding Workout – Push Day – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Becoming The Batman

francobenchGreetings, all.

Well, for those who’ve been following the site for a little while now know that I set a goal on the bench press. After I hit 300lbs for a single rep about 6 weeks ago, I then decided I wanted to hit 250lbs for 3 sets of 5 reps each. I started at 235lbs, and bombed pretty hard. I only got 5 reps on the first set, with 4 the next, and 3 on the final. So, every Saturday I’d saddle up to the bench for the match of the century. I busted my ass to get this goal, and was actually having a lot of success until my first attempt at 250lbs, which was last week. I couldn’t even hit 5 reps on the first set. It was like my white whale. The week prior I’d hit all 3 sets at 245lbs, and now just 5lbs more…

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