b. Glute Switch Workout


b. Glute Switch Workout

This simple and effective yoga pose is a gluteus maximus switch or butt switch. By teaching your glutes to switch on it effectively strengthens your back and core. Our bodies need to have a strong lower back and core in order for us to function properly. The rest of our body and limbs alignment relies so heavily on this section of our body. After gaining strength here many other body parts hips, legs and knee will become better balanced.

b. Glute switch workout

How to:

-Lie on your back raise your knee place feet aligned below knees

-Balance your shoulder blades and lift your butt until your body is aligned

-Switch on your glute muscles as you lift by squeezing your butt.

  • Begin by completing a set of 20 of these hip lifts every second day if your back and core is weak
  • After a week…

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