Have You Decided to Get Into Shape

For my first fitness post on this blog, I thought I’d briefly tackle a topic that I’m asked about often. I receive messages consistently from people who have made the decision to get into shape, but they’re not sure where to start.
First, congratulations on making that decision. It’s a great first step. Now it’s time to see if you have the drive, determination to stick with it! (Hint: You do. Don’t give up like most people.)
So what’s step one? Check your diet.
Do you eat a lot of processed foods (white bread, sugar)? Change that to brown.
Do you eat a lot of salt? That will make your body retain water. Cut some of the salt out of your diet.
What about sugar? It’s delicious but it’s an easy thing to recognize and cut—and you should unless you want a pooch and acne.
Fats? The only truly bad fat is trans saturated fats from french fries, fried foods, etc and saturated fats (also from fried foods.) There are a lot of beneficial fats.

“we are dedicated to a better YOU”



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