My Stretching Routine

Andy Wong Fitness

My previous post mentioned how people should be more aware of increasing their flexibility. Below is my stretching routine that I do after every workout.

Hold each stretch for 15-60 seconds. It is recommended to perform the same stretch to at least four times but it’s better to do some than none (this is for the time bound people). The overall time is about 15 minutes for this stretching routine:

  • wall pec stretch
  • behind the back pec stretch
  • arm over shoulder stretch (both sides)
  • back scratch stretch
  • triceps stretch
  • standing hamstring stretch
  • left foot over right hamstring stretch (switch to other side after)
  • standing quad stretch
  • lunge stretch
    • progress to pulling up back foot
  • butterfly stretch
  • seated floor hamstring stretch (both legs)
  • seated floor glute stretch
  • calf stretch
  • lying abdominal stretch
  • lower back stretch
  • lunging hamstring stretch (keep back leg straight)

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