How many carbs do one need?

In determining energy nutrient intake, you should first assess how many carbohydrates you need, and for what reasons. A sedentary person is not exercising and burning through MUSCLE glycogen stores (300-600g depending on body size), so they do not need to worry about replenishing them on a daily basis.
High carbohydrate diets (300g or more) are more appropriate for athletes and regular exercisers that undergo the cyclical depletion and repletion of muscle glycogen stores.
Sedentary populations really only need to worry about providing adequate carbohydrates to support LIVER glycogen stores, which regulate normal blood sugar levels and fuel the brain and central nervous system at rest.
This assumes a non-ketogenic diet. Although ketosis may be beneficial for certain disease states, it is NOT necessary for an optimal fat loss plan.
Research shows that ketogenic diets are no more effective than non-ketogenic, low carbohydrate diets for fat loss. Yet, they have a ton of metabolic and hormonal drawbacks.
Thus in most cases, I advocate a low-carbohydrate BUT non-ketogenic diet for sedentary populations.
This can be accomplished with roughly 100g of carbs a day (this does not vary much with weight and gender, as the liver is roughly the same size regardless of those two variables), unless perhaps you’re hanging with Frank the Tank.
The chronic bombarding of a sedentary body with highly processed carbs can indeed lead to full glycogen stores, sugar backing up into the bloodstream, and a host of negative health conditions, the most serious of course being MBMT — Man Boob & Muffin Top Syndrome.
That’s why research shows that lower carb, Caveman-style diets may be the best approach for improving body composition and biomarkers of health for obese, insulin resistant, and sedentary populations.
Get in a calorie deficit, eat adequate protein, get roughly 100g of carbs from unlimited vegetables and a few pieces of fruit, make up the rest of your calories from healthy fats, and walk daily. You’ll have yourself one hell of a plan.
If you are a low-carb guru and want to snuggle with me now, I accept. But be forewarned, I’m about to piss you off.



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