The Climb of a Lifetime: Mount Everest Base Camp

Steps To Follow



It is exactly 6 months until I am attempting (and hopefully succeeding in) the craziest thing ever: Climbing Mount Everest, Base Camp. Okay, it’s not the craziest thing ever, climbing Mount Everest’s peak would be! But it certainly is pretty darn crazy, and only a certain kind of person would do such a thing, especially with the recent publicity the Himalayas are receiving: an adventure-seeker.

In order to achieve this climb, I need to be as fit as possible, even though all recommendations say you need a moderate fitness level. If you knew me as a child/teen you probably remember Lexie the long distance runner and Lexie the soccer player. Well, that all went down hill after 5 years of university. I still workout and I still play soccer but my fitness levels went down the drain. I am super duper average now when it comes to my fitness…

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