7 Weight Loss Revelations from Science

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2014-10-04 lifestyle 03_14 weighing scale

What are the secrets to successful weight loss? And, what is the secret to keeping the weight off once it’s gone? According to members of the National Weight Control Registry in the United States, a group of 10,000 people (mostly women) who lost at least 13 kgs and have kept the weight off for a year or more, it’s no surprise – maintain a positive attitude; keep track of what you eat; weigh yourself once a week; and exercise regularly. These obvious lifestyle factors appear to be good predictors of success. But what else can you do to successfully lose the weight and keep it off? What are the latest scientific findings on this very important topic? In this particular issue of News You Can Use we’ve highlighted just that. We’ve got the latest scientific breakthroughs to share with you about how 7 simple changes to your diet and…

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