Giving up.

recover relapse recover

I really can’t deal with any of this anymore. Just life in general really. I have no one left that I can trust. That’s probably a huge problem for me, trust. Everyone I’ve trusted 100% has abused that trust and proved me to not trust them, that is apart from my very close friends who are always there. But there’s only a select few. 

Eating, food, trying to get better is just stupid. That’s how it feels, it’s just all so pointless to me right now. It’s the last thing I want to worry about at the moment. Me striving to get better seems useless, I don’t want to, I don’t really want to do anything. I think more then my eating disorder my depression is at its worse. I feel very low and lost, like I’m drowning but there’s no water, so I guess it feels like I’m being…

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