When is protein consumption most effective – before, during, or after exercise?


When is the most effective time to ingest protein? Before, during, or after working out?


Well, the answer, in part, depends on how you define “effective.” “Effective” in doing what? A Sports Medicine literature review by van Loon, published in May of 2014, indicates that:

  • If you are looking for immediate enhancement in athletic performance, then the timing of when you ingest protein may not matter so much.
  • If you are looking to better facilitate your muscle recovery after the protein breakdown that occurs with exercise, you mayconsider consuming protein before and/or during prolonged exercise (although we all know that exercise need not be longer than 30 minutes!).


Why we need protein to accompany exercise

Exercise involves substantial use of our skeletal muscles. These muscles are made up of protein filaments and have a most amazing capacity to adapt in size and strength, depending on use or…

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