“Fast Diet” ~ Two bad ideas do not make a right!

The Weight Is Over!

The Fast Diet – Discussion on ABC

I can’t agree with this – First of all, they are promoting eating crappy food, and then worst of all they are pushing you to starve yourself.

Two Terrible ideas do not make a good one.

Fasting for 2 days? That is not easy for anybody to do. Do you really see yourself eating nothing for 2 days? Why would you do that to yourself? Not to mention the fact that your most likely going to slip up on the fasting days, and what are you going to cheat with? Bad food because your training your mind to continue eating bad food – but worse – this diet is training your mind that bad food is ok!

So you go from starving yourself for 2 days to eating anything you want for 5 days.. So what happens when you get off the…

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