It is possible to be healthy on a budget, but you need a game plan. Examples are:

Eggs, lean beef, chicken, turkey and canned tuna/salmon is cheaper than buying fresh fish.
leafy greens like kale and spinach are cheap
buying fruits and veggies that are in their natural state is cheaper than buying fruits/veggies that are cut up and packaged for you
buying frozen fruits and veggies is cheaper because they last longer
brown rice and oats are cheap compared to quinoa
buy ordinary low-fat/non-fat milk instead of almond/coconut milk
buy ordinary plain low-fat yogurt instead of greek yogurt (it works just the same)
buy beans and lentils in a bag rather than canned beans
fruits can be pricey, but some fruits like apples, bananas, plums, peaches, grapes, watermelon, avocado, kiwis, apricots, peaches ect. are affordable. It’s the berries: strawberries/blueberries/blackberries that are not so cheap
Hummus is cheaper and better for you than nasty salad dressing!
coffee is cheap, green tea is decent and water is FREE
But there are foods that are just expensive and there is not substitute and equivalent and that’s:
olive/avocado/coconut oil; and
whey protein powder (and yes, I would you buy protein powder rather than protein bars because 90% of the protein bars that I’ve picked up and looked at the nutrition info, it is just sugar, sugar, sugar)
A lot of people don’t have the stomach for veggies and I tell them to just add it to food you already like: sandwiches, soups, sauces, omlettes, ect.
My favourite thing to eat is eggs. So I cook them and I just throw some spinach and tomatoes and turkey and mushrooms and bell peppers and onions and to top it off I add some garlic and pepper. It tastes divine!

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