Managing Diet (Part 1): “Clean Eats” vs Macronutrient Management

Keen to get lean

If you are serious about changing your appearance then you will have to wage a war on two fronts: train hard, eat smart. Training hard is straightforward enough but what exactly does eating smart mean? Is it simply cutting out anything unhealthy? If so, what makes a food healthy or unhealthy?

In the fitness industry there appears to be two main schools of thought when it comes to diet:

Some are advocates of the “clean eating” approach. According to this theory, certain foods, such as fish, fruit and vegetables are deemed intrinsically good for us and should be consumed liberally. Other foods, mainly junk or processed, are proclaimed as “dirty” and should be avoided at all costs.

(The media outlets love this approach and it’s not unusual to see sensationalist headlines such as “BROCCOLI PREVENTS CANCER” or “BACON KILLS.”)

Others are advocates of a more scientific approach. Here, the…

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