How I Decided on my Training Splits



A while back when I was still knew the the weightlifting world but starting to fall in love with it, another girl had asked me what my splits are. At the time, I was hardly familiar with the term “splits”. Before replying with, “I used to be able to do my right splits but not quite my middle or left side…back when I was more flexible,” I thought more about the context of our conversation. I took a swing at it and told her how I split up my leg days/arm days/etc. She didn’t give me a weird look, so I was hoping I nailed it—either that or she was just being polite.

Luckily, my guess was right and I felt like less of an amateur. For those of you that don’t know of the term “Splits,” let me save you from a situation similar to mine.

Split System Training…

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