Making Weight Loss Easier: How to Choose your Nutritional Battles

Morton Training Systems

There is way too much information available these days. Back in my day, we had to walk 20 miles in the snow – uphill both ways – and slay the Rancor just to get a single ounce of information. Nowadays, you hop on the interwebs, type in “weight loss” and are instantaneously bombarded with an avalanche of different, often contradictory, information. High carb, low carb, gluten free, bulletproof coffee, miracle supplements, intermittent fasting, vegetarian, paleo, AAAAAAAAAAAAH! If you cut out everything that was deemed unhealthy by some corner of the internet, you’d be left eating nothing except air. But wait! Air has chemicals in it. Best give that up too.

It’s no wonder nobody knows how to lose weight! A fairly recent poll concluded that most people don’t believe diet and exercise cause weight loss. In related news, the sun rotates around the earth.

So what does one do? How…

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