06.23.14 – Monday – The Power of “Yet”

CrossFit Manatee

We sometimes get fixated on our own perceived shortcomings. At home, at work, and at the gym, we tend to be our own harshest critics. This can be a helpful thing, if it spurs us to improve these areas of perceived weakness, or it can be harmful, if it causes us to doubt ourselves and keeps us from pursuing ambitious goals.

That’s where “yet” comes in. Simply adding “yet” to your internal statements of self-doubt can switch your mindset from “This thing is beyond me” to “this thing is something that I can achieve if I work for it.”

“I can’t do pull-ups” is a statement that sets limits. “I can’t do pull-ups yet” is a statement that sets goals.

“I’m not strong enough” is a statement that tries to keep you down. “I’m not strong enough yet” is a statement that encourages you to work hard to get there.

“I don’t have the…

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