New areas of pain

Couch to Canyon

When I got out of bed Thursday morning I immediately realized that for the first time in a really long time my muscles were really, really sore. But, like, new muscles. Muscles I likely didn’t even think were muscles. Like the ones that sit over your shoulder blades. Those hurt. Because of the Pee Wee Herman Tequila dance moves we did. And my inner thighs hurt. From squeezing a ball as I did push ups on my toes and all of that ballet type stuff.

All day long. Hurt.

But I go on to the gym because it’s Thursday and that is what I do!

I get there early, as I do and I did almost 10 minutes on the treadmill with an incline of 8 and a speed of about 2.6. My legs hurt, hush.

Tyler shows up and asks how ballet was and I tell him how sore…

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