Weight Loss and Fitness Diaries: Part 1


Weight Loss and Fitness Diaries: Part 1.

skin-healthy-foodMy first ambition is to feel comfortable in my own skin and after many failed attempts, I feel it is now or never as my low self-esteem stops me from doing many things. The first step is to achieve my desired weight and body image. However, I feel it is important to stress that I am a strong believer in being fit over skinny. I want lose excessive fat while toning up and building muscle mass. I know it is a long and hard journey ahead and I am willing to work for it, without the need for fad diets or diet pills. To give you a better picture, here’s the stats:

Height: 5″5
BMI : 21.5 
Body fat: 25% (approx)

I am to reach my target weight of around 125lbs through healthy eating and exercise and my timescale is 5 weeks. I will…

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