While making a whole-hearted commitment to fitness as a lifestyle is really the only way to keep those love handles in check for good, we can help you build some serious blubber-melting momentum with our six-week program. If you incorporate one or two new fat-burning strategies each week, by the end of Week 6, you’ll be firing on ten strategic cylinders. There’s no question about it—this year, your six-pack is sure to make an unseasonably early cameo.
Follow these steps over the next six weeks to increase your body’s ability to burn fat
Week Strategy
1 >> Reduce carbs by half for four days
>> Eliminate carbs from your last meal of the day
2 >> Add two 30-40-minute cardio sessions per week
>> Add 50 g protein and 5-8 g leucine per day
3 >> Add a fat-burner
>> Cut carbs further on one of your low-carb days
4 >> Schedule 40 minutes of medium- to high-intensity cardio postworkout or first thing in the morning
5 >> Have a 500-700-calorie cheat meal on one of your regular-carb days
>> Add 50% more sets to your weight workouts
6 >> Take a three-day break from the entire plan, then start again if needed